Lake George NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

The Lake George area has a beautiful website, not unexpected given the high volume of tourists and vacationers this area sees. There is a lot to offer in the area, especially if you like to fish, ski, camp, or boat. If you get stuck with a traffic ticket, call attorney Randall Kehoe's office for help. Mr. Kehoe is a traffic lawyer with office in downtown Albany, New York and has been practicing law since 1990. He is known for offering affordable legal fees in all his cases and offers practical advice and a simple method to resolve New York speeding tickets and other traffic matters at a low cost. If you are concerned about the price you will be paying for insurance due to points (plus court fees), consider a free consultation with Mr. Kehoe who has been successful in helping clients obtain favorable outcomes in regards to traffic tickets all over the state. To discuss the details of your case and to receive a quote, please call our office or submit an online inquiry here on the website. All inquiries are monitored daily and someone from our office will usually be contacting you within a few hours.

We are also available as of cournsel in the Lake George Town Court and Lake George Village Court, as well as other justice courts, in Warren County, NY .